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Jacobsen Salt + Honey Duo

Jacobsen Salt + Honey Duo

Jacobsen Salt Co.
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A celebration of regional flavors, this signature set showcases two of Oregon's most beloved specialty foods: premium natural sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co. and rich, golden honey from Bee Local.

Flake Finishing Salt: These large, coarse sea salt flakes have a beautiful sheen and bright, complex flavor. Sprinkle them over your favorite dishes just before serving – from salads, vegetables and pastas to grilled meats, poultry and seafood.

Bee Local Honey: Harvested from hives in Oregon's rural Willamette Valley, this single-origin raw honey is known for its robust, complex flavor. Enjoy it on toast, stir it into tea – or drizzle over everything from oatmeal and yogurt to artisan cheeses.

  • Includes: 2.85-oz. bag of Jacobsen's Flake Salt and 5.75-oz. jar of Bee Local Honey.
  • Made in USA.