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Partnership Inquiries

Heirloom Family Kitchen can help your brand win a seat at the family table. Engage with customers at every point in their kitchen experience, planning, shopping, and cooking too.

Interested? Drop us a line at

Home Chefs and Bloggers

You are the core of our community! We gain endless amounts of inspiration from all of you. Thanks for opening up your kitchens to us and sharing your creativity, stories and recipes which make this community possible.

How do I participate?

If you are new to our community and want to know how to participate, it’s simple...cook something, take a picture, share it with a meaningful description on Instagram (or any other social network) and add #heirloomfamilykitchen to your post!

Can I add a recipe to the Heirloom Family Kitchen website?

Coming very the meantime, just email us at

For-Profit Brands

In addition to strategic collaborations with food or kitchen and homewares producers, we offer the following general list of services.

Partner Pages

A dedicated page provided to organizations which display a curated and updating feed of food and cooking related content the community is sharing on social media.

Sponsored Promotions on Social Media and Web

We love to try new products and get introduced to brands that align with our cooking style, philosophy & mission. If you are interested in our founder, Malissa, sampling your product and then discussing a sponsored post with an original recipe to be created (with your product) Send us an email.

Audience Activation 

Heirloom Family Kitchen will produce a meal or series of meals (with your product) as part of an ongoing Sponsorship. Includes Recipe Development, Photography, Styling, etc. Send us an email.


Please inquire about specific opportunities within our 2019 editorial calendar or if you are interested in discussing a custom contest for your organization.